Boomerang Effect in Hoveyda-Grubbs complexes: myth or reality?

The initiation step in olefin metathesis catalyzed by Hoveyda-Grubbs complexes involves the substitution of the benzylidene ether ligand and the release of isopropoxy styrene. After the metathesis reaction, the released isoproxy styrene can cross back onto the ruthenium and reform the benzylidene (pre)catalyst. That is what is called the release-return (or boomerang) mechanism. Various labeling […]

The Phillips Triolefin Process and OCT – The Propylene Story

What do you consider a large scale olefin metathesis reaction? It’s inexcusable that we’ve just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of ATM and we haven’t yet discussed the most successful industrial metathesis process (at least measured by amount of product formed each year), one whose history is intertwined with olefin metathesis itself. At its core, […]