Finding the Right Metathesis Catalyst

White D.E.; Stewart I.C.; Seashore-Ludlow B.A.; Grubbs R.H.; Stoltz B.M. A General Enantioselective Route to the Chamigrene Natural Product Family. Tetrahedron 2010, 66, 4648-86. Finding the right metathesis catalyst for your reaction is easy – when the Grubbs group is next door… The Stolz group recently published the syntheses of several members of the chamigrene […]

Initiation Mechanism for Grubbs and Hoveyda-Grubbs Complexes

Second generation Grubbs and Hoveyda-Grubbs complexes are the most employed metathesis (pre)catalysts. They are believed to generate the same catalytically active species, however they can perform very differently in a given olefin metathesis reaction. Why is that? We don’t have a definitive answer yet, but the elegant mechanistic studies on Hoveyda-Grubbs complexes recently reported by […]

Monitoring Non-Productive Metathesis in RCM Reactions

Stewart, I. C.; Keitz, B. K.; Kuhn, K. M.; Thomas, R. M.; Grubbs, R. H. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 8534-8535. One challenge of mechanistic studies of reversible reactions is that it’s hard to be sure whether there are reversible steps going on that you’re not monitoring. In the case of ring closing metathesis […]