Making Waves Part II: Microwave Irradiation and Cross Metathesis

Ring closing metathesis is not the only type of olefin metathesis to profit from microwave irradiation. Several examples of cross metathesis demonstrate the power of microwave irradiation to transform yields and rates as well. The review coauthored by Coquerel and Rodriguez provides some examples.1 In an alkyne/ethylene cross metathesis for the preparation of enantiomeric 2-(1-acetylamino-1-arylmethyl)-1,3-butadienes […]

Making Waves Part I: Microwave Irradiation and RCM

Despite the considerable scope of olefin metathesis in organic chemistry, some substrates are still hesitant to undergo efficient metathesis reactions under classical thermal conditions. Microwave irradiation has been proposed as an alternative activation mode for olefin metathesis. It has afforded success with otherwise unproductive metathesis reactions and also abbreviated reaction times. A great review of […]

Ring Expansion Metathesis Polymerization (REMP)

Cyclic polymers have been prepared by any number of synthetic routes, but standard techniques typically focus on the formation of end-functionalized linear polymers that must be cyclized under high-dilution conditions. Tethered-alkylidene variants of standard metathesis catalysts open the door to high molecular weight cyclic polymers and high-concentration polymerization reactions through ring expansion metathesis polymerization (REMP). […]